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Welcome to NancieMcDermott.com. Since I was barely old enough to stand on a kitchen chair and pour flour into my grandmother's mixing bowl, I have loved to cook and eat. Nowadays as a veteran grownup able to reach both the stove and the sink, I still love to cook and eat, but now I also spend lots of time thinking and writing about food. This is the place where you and I can get together and focus in on the delights of the kitchen and the table.

Here you can:

  • Join Nancie for a virtual trip to Thailand

  • Cook up a delicious dish from Nancie's Recipe Box

  • Learn the Asian basics with
    Nancie's Ingredients #101

  • Read Nancie’s food journal

  • Ask Nancie your questions about Asian food and cooking

Thank you for coming to NancieMcDermott.com. Stay and visit, and come back soon!


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