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My third time around on the #WokWednesdays merry-go-round is a generous and colorful dish which we paired with rice for a one-dish meal. Like our last recipe, this dish took some prep time, chopping and measuring out the ingredients; but with that done, the cooking-to-serving-platter time shrinks to under ten minutes, and the results were lucious and pleasing to eyes and palates. Lots of robust red sauce waits beneath the shrimp and peppers pictured here, making this an excellent dish to enjoy Thai-style; that is, over long-grain rice which is cooked to be fluffy and ideal for eating from plates with spoons, rather than from rice bowls with chopsticks. Not that rice bowls and chopsticks would be a problem; just use the serving spoon to scoop some of that divine sauce right onto the rice as you eat. Image

I love how wok cooking changes the color of food from the outside in. This is when I know to toss and turn the shrimp, since their downside is getting done.Image

These shrimp are well on their way, and due for another toss.Image

I left the shells on, for the flavor boost and beautiful color. It’s messy eating, but I’m of the fried-chicken eating, watermelon-seed spitting crew of Southerners who consider messiness a harbinger of tasty fun food experiences. Not wrong to take them off; just don’t mind leaving them on for what I consider rewards for doing so. Shells provide lots of locations for sauce and tidbits to hunker down and be discovered by intrepid eaters….Image

A beautiful view, always, when I cook in a wok. The ginger and garlic which went in first thing gave lovely flavor notes to the dish, especially in the rust-colored sauce.

I love the stir-fry management techniques dreamed up by two of my fellow bloggers. Big Red Kitchen sets out her mise-en-place (chop/prep/measure-steps) in jars, and Mother Would Know notes steps on sticky notes to keep her on track. She calls them cheat sheets, but I could not put such a pejorative spin on her idea. I think it is resourceful cook-smarts and a worthy example to follow.  which my fellow bloggers, Big Red Kitchen and Mother Would know

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