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Back in July, I had the good fortune to travel back to ‘s Studio F in Denver to shoot my second online video cooking class with an amazing, talented and delightful Craftsy crew. It was a whirlwind week with clouds of flour, sprinkles of sugar, strawberries and syrup, buttermilk and butterscotch, all rolled out, stirred up, baked off, and cobbled together into a sweet collection of lessons on how to make wonderful pies in your home kitchen.

I love baking, cooking, and teaching people how to do both these things, but much as I love to travel, my pies and I can only travel here and there, now and then, to share the sweetness and pleasure of pie-making with you.  My new class just went “Live!” this afternoon, and I am so happy to see the fruits of our labors.


I say “Our” referring to Me plus my amazing Craftsy Super-Crew, who wrangled three video cameras, still cameras, microphones, lighting, computer-command center, kitchen-central and instructor beautification squad in a massive group endeavor resulting in this beautiful, practical video cooking class entitled, “Classic Pies Made Easy”. We had a blast creating these seven lessons over the course of three July days, and I’ll be sharing pix of the process over the next week.

Here’s a link to “Classic Pies Made Easy”

and I’ll leave you with this portrait of one my favorite pies featured in Classic Pies Made Easy: Butterscotch Pie.


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