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cov-quickeasythaiQuick & Easy Thai: 70 Everyday Recipes

Whether you’ve wondered if you could ever bring great Thai flavors to your everyday table, or you already enjoy cooking Thai food at home, this book is for you. Start with Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce or Thai Crab Cakes, and then move on to Chicken Coconut Soup, paht Thai and the fabulous dish pictured on the cover, Chiang Mai Curry Noodles.

I found the ingredients for this book in my nearby well-stocked supermarket, and I hope you. If you need help stocking your Thai pantry, check my section on mail order/web sources for every item you need.

I arranged this book like a Thai restaurant menu, from appetizers and soups to sweets and drinks. The book jacket doubles as a bookmark for that recipe you just can’t wait to try.

Here I return to my Thai theme with an eye on the clock. My love for intense flavors squares off with my mission to get something, anything onto the table on a school night. Many recipes are authentic Thai dishes which are intrinsically simple to prepare. Others are my streamlined versions of Thai favorites, with a few smart shortcuts to get you to the table fast.

Quick & Easy Thai includes two dozen gorgeous color photographs, in a handsome paperback binding with a brilliantly colorful overall design. I hope you enjoy looking at and cooking from this book.