Focus in on the delights of the kitchen and the table with ...

cover-curryThe Curry Book: Memorable Flavors and Irresistibly Simple Recipes from Around the World

The Curry Book provides curry-powered inspirations for an abundance of fine and simple feasts. Splashes of curry brighten my standard party menu of vegetable dip, stuffed mushrooms, and deviled eggs. My husband adores the Pork Chops with Curried Chutney Sauce, especially when they come with a platter of Rice Pilaf with Golden Onions, Cashews and Peas.

Published in 1997, the Curry Book is also a passport to the spice-infused lands where curry is a delicious way of life. Savor Singapore Curry Noodles and dine on Lamb Curry Kashmiri-Style. Cook up a platter of Homestyle Tandoori Chicken and try jasmine rice with a bowl of Thai Green Curry with Snow Peas and Shrimp.

In this book I’ve kept things accessible by focusing on ingredients you can find in a well-stocked grocery store. I included a list of mail-order/web sources in case you need help stocking your pantry. With recipes for rice, chapattis and fresh paneer cheese, Thai curry pastes, Ginger-Pear Chutney, and Mango Smoothies, you’ll be ready to celebrate curry flavors, anytime, anywhere.